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Jake Hinton

Founder & Owner

Bootleg Beverages

Bootleg Beverages wants to see YOUR Beer, Wine or Liquor sold in Georgia! With a background in retail alcohol and relationships with some of the top distributors in the state, we are ready and equipped to introduce your brand to this state. Bootleg Beverages, LLC is fully licensed with the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) and the State of Georgia Department of Revenue as a Broker of Malt Beverages, Wine, and Distilled Spirits. We will quickly register your brand with the State DOR, and find a home for it amongst a network of statewide distributors looking to grow their product lines. Whether you are looking for a niche distributor, or a high volume wholesaler, we can find the right fit for you. Bootleg Beverages will also work tirelessly to promote your brand in all available avenues to make sure your product is effectively marketed to all audiences. We want to see your product line be as successful as possible! Contact us today to bring your brand to the growing market of Georgia.

About the Owner

Bootleg Beverages, LLC is owned and founded by me, Jake Hinton. My father opened a small package store over 30 years ago in Locust Grove, GA. It has since grown into one of the largest and most successful package stores in the state. Growing up in the store granted me two unique and important advantages. First, I have built relationships with the distributors that my family does business with. I call many of their salesmen and owners my friends, and have a great working relationship with them as well. Second, I have seen the sales of alcoholic beverages from a retailer's point of view. I have seen what makes a successful product, and what it takes to get retailers excited to sell a new product. These advantages have prepared me to bring your product lines into the state of Georgia, and ensure that they are successful after they get here. I am committed to customer service, honesty and integrity, and can assure you that each and every brand will be represented to the best of my ability. I am passionate and knowledgeable about the alcoholic beverage industry, and will do whatever it takes to earn and keep your business.